*Due to Submittable's policy on free submissions, we will not be accepting free submissions this rest of this week as we had planned. We will reopen free submissions on March 16th and 17th, and May 25th and 26th. Sorry for the inconvience. 

Tolsun Books is accepting manuscript submissions for our 2020 catalog through May 31st, 2019. 

We accept manuscripts made from pieces: poetry, short stories, flash memoir, essays, comics poetry, photo-essays, translations, hybrids, and things we've never seen before. We do not accept novels, full-length memoir, or genre pieces. 

We value voice, energy, and inclusiveness. We have published many first-time authors, as well as experienced writers. We love potential, and we are willing to work through manuscripts that might not yet be polished.

We are a very small company, and your submission fee helps us print and distribute books, pay royalties and licensing fees, and market our catalog. We will be accepting submissions for no cost on March 16th and 17th, and May 25th and 26th. Manuscripts submitted during these periods will be given the same consideration as those submitted during paid periods. Please withdraw your manuscript if it is accepted elsewhere.

*Due to Submittable's free-submission policy limiting us to 100 free submissions per month, we will not be offering free submissions for this rest of this week as we had intitially promised. We will open free submissions again March 16th &17th, as well as May 25th & 27th. Sorry for the inconvinience.

Submit a manuscript that is made up of smaller works: poetry, short stories, essays, comics poetry, photo stories, hybrids, some combination of the former, or something awesome we haven't thought of yet. 

Tolsun Books